What’s Your Power Pose?

Traveling Coaches Certified Legal Trainer Program Graduates Sharpened Their Saws.

This blog is focused on congratulating the recent (and previous) graduates of the Traveling Coaches Certified Legal Trainer Program.

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

We’ve heard time and time again that we need to reinvent how technology education is delivered in law firms. Sometimes the feedback comes from a positive perspective – let’s build on our existing programs, develop new skills in our highly valued trainers, deliver more methods of education, and improve the value of firm learning. Other times there is a more negative tone – training needs to be turned on its head, no one goes to class any more, our lawyers and staff don’t adopt new technology, or training is broken. Regardless of how the subject is broached, the role of the technology trainer is certainly changing. This role sits right at the intersection of customers and IT. They play the role of customer advocate (sometimes referred to as a “user”) and technology evangelist. Or better said, they translate from geek to law and back again. 

The last post I wrote was a long time ago. Most of my writing time has been spent architecting and facilitating a learning experience to help trainers sharpen their saws. The 6 week journey spans adult learning theory, discovering needs, adapting education to the lawyer personality, selecting the right types of learning based on goals, facilitating in the virtual environment, measurement and evaluation, and much more. This journey is the Traveling Coaches Certified Legal Trainer Program.

Over the past nine months, we’ve moved from client needs assessment to content development to internal pilot to our inaugural client program in late 2015. In 2016, we kicked off the year with a cohort in January/February and another beginning in March. 

We’ve heard some fantastic feedback from our first 15 Certified Trainers. They’ve let us know about the quality of the content, the depth of material, the attention from the course guides, and the power of the onsite session. We’ve seen people show their power pose,dramatically improve their performance, gain confidence, and are moved to tears. But most of all, we’ve received feedback about how trainers have implemented their new skills back on the job. These comments make us really proud!

  • One student emailed that her Practice Group communication went so well that she had messages from all the other Practice Group leaders requesting a similar update after that week.
  • A CIO shared that she was seeing the program’s impact within days of the trainer returning and she felt the investment and time was well worth it.
  • We heard of a trainer significantly increasing the engagement within new hire by formulating questions in advance to confirm understanding.
  • Several students have let us know how confident that feel now and how they are much more likely to implement what they’ve learned because of the program.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback (and the number of registrations) for our Certified Legal Trainer Program and we recently kicked off our third group. We want to take a moment to say thank you and congratulations for the first and second groups of Certified Legal Trainers.

Names & Group Photos

Standing: Eileen Whitaker (TC), Shannon Steen, Ann Johnson, Julie Clegg, Will Crosby, Mike Sweeney (TC)
Sitting: Douglas Capozzalo, Tashika Lewis

▪ Douglas Capozzalo Shearman

▪ Julie Clegg Munsch

▪ Will CrosbyMayer Brown

▪ Ann JohnsonBrown Rudnick

▪ Tashika LewisKelley Drye

▪ Scott LorgeMichael Best

▪ Shannon SteenMayer Brown

Standing: Eileen Whitaker (TC), Cathy Dunnigan, Peggy Koester, Tishia Davidson, Sheila Clapp, Donna Andonian, Mike Sweeney (TC)
Sitting: Jackie Harmon, Virginia Sahagun, Scott Lorge, Madelyn Mateo, Carolyn Humpherys (TC)

▪ Donna Andonian Cooley

 Sheila ClappSeyfarth Shaw

▪ Tishia Davidson Venable

▪ Cathy Dunnigan Venable

▪ Jackie Harmon Cooley

▪ Peggy Koester Taft

▪ Madelyn Mateo Bowditch & Dewey

▪ Virginia Sahagun Seyfarth Shaw

Congratulations! And to the Training Managers out there – please make sure you are supporting your Trainers as they apply their new knowledge!

We are committed to helping trainers rethink the way they provide technology education so they can increase their value to their firm. Spots are available for our May CLTP. Sign up now!

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