How are Lawyers Communicating Outside of the Courtroom?

“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” - George Bernard Shaw

Communication skills covered in law schools tend to emphasize how to conduct yourself in the courtroom; however, communication in a professional setting is more than arguing a case. It is critical in a legal practice. Lawyers interact daily with clients, staff, partners, associates, and other lawyers. If you communicate well with people, you establish trust and make your working environment one where everyone respects and understands the importance of the work that you do.

Many of the complaints about lawyers received by the bar association, law society, or other legal professional organizations could typically be avoided if lawyers listened more carefully to their clients. Establishing an early understanding with the client about how their issues will be handled and how updates will be communicated to them can avert many of their grievances.

Lawyers are subject to numerous stereotypes, many of which are unfortunately negative. Poor communication skills diminish their standing within the profession and reinforce the public’s negative perception of lawyers. By practicing good communication skills, lawyers will strengthen their image as competent and knowledgeable professionals, and their firms as trustworthy institutions.

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