Can we get there from here?!? …Mobile Technology that aligns with Best Practice, Firm Policy, and Security?!?

My brother recounts a story of a trip he made to south Louisiana.  He and his friends on this road trip got a bit off the beaten path and ended up lost.  They pulled over and asked someone from the local area for directions to their destination.  In a way that only those in south Louisiana can appreciate, the man looked at my brother and said, (insert your best Cajun accent here) "No no no, you can't get there from here.  You gots'ta to go home and start over!"  This was his polite way of saying we don't want you around here. 

In our firms, we have plenty of people that just don't want to hear from us as to what they can and cannot do when working remotely.  We all know that people are using unsanctioned technology to accomplish work related communications and collaborations with clients.  We all know that this is a bad idea and that it creates problems with IG (Information Governance), Client confidentiality, Security, etc.  We all know this …and yet, our answer to this situation and to the employees of our firms may be causing the problem to get worse, not better.  Our answer is …NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!  Is it any wonder why they tell us (if you're lucky), "We don't want you telling us what we can and cannot do.  We got it from here." 
Let's think for a minute.  What is your reaction when someone tells you that you can't do something?  EXACTLY!!!  There's something inherent in our DNA that rises up with indignation when someone tells us NO.  Have you noticed the reaction of children when they hear this word?  It really doesn’t change much as we get older.  
NO can't be the answer.  The fact of the matter is, people are using these other "unsanctioned" technologies because they want to get their work done, and they want to be connected, and they want to communicate using whatever device they have, and they want to collaborate with their colleagues and clients with full functionality even when they are not in the office.  
The right answer is YES.  Yes, you have a business need for these things.  Yes, you should be able to work with full functionality when not in the office.  Yes, we should provide those things and still maintain our responsibility to the client and the firm.  Yes, we should arrange for all of this while still maintaining security, client confidentiality, and protection for the firm.
So, can we get there from here?  I think the answer is Yes.  It's time to bring the walls down and stop making this a matter of us versus them.  If we are not planning to meet these very real demands and business needs of our firm employees then they will continue to do whatever they can to get this functionality …whether we like it or not. All of this takes communication, planning, research, talking with our firm employees to find out what's important to them, and then finding the right solution(s) that bring the firm's business transactions back into the fold where they can be secured, protected, backed up, and made safe for our client communications and firm business.  
Sounds easy, right?!?  It's not.  But we can get there if we stop saying NO and start saying YES.  
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