How can a strong Security Awareness Program empower your firm’s employees?

This is the first blog in a series of three blogs focusing on building your client relationships with a strong security awareness program.

“Knowledge is Power.” 
– Francis Bacon

When I learn something new and it has the power to change someone’s life for the better, I want to tell everyone. For instance, I love to give a new mom-to-be one or two crib sheet savers as a gift. It was something that I didn’t know I needed until I needed it. A sheet saver changed my daily life for the better and I know it can save other parents from laundry fatigue! I’m sure you can think of your own example of that “thing” that changed your life and you felt so empowered that you went out and told others about it.

Why Security Awareness?

A solid security awareness program can change employee’s behavior at your firm to protect the firm’s client data, employee’s attitudes towards personal security of their own data and can be used to positively impact your client’s organizations as well. This begins with empowering your people with the knowledge and desire to share with clients. How are you implementing and maintaining your program? A great deal of work goes into just launching the program. Sponsors are recruited and team members develop a program plan for launch and post-launch of the program.

Lights, Camera, Launch!

The launch of your security awareness program is a BIG DEAL. Traveling Coaches best practice is to do the launch face to face in live town hall style sessions. Market the launch. Get your people jazzed. If you don’t treat it like a big deal, no one else will either. Your firm’s attorneys and staff need to know that Security Awareness is important to the firm and its clients. Communicate the “why” behind the program. Give real life stories that will make an impact on the people at your firm. Just because one story resonates with some doesn’t mean that it resonates with all. Mix it up and engage them. Food will get your people in the room but engaging them will make them stay.

What’s Next?

Well, your security awareness program is launched. Your people are pumped up. They came dancing with hands in the air after the town hall session and shouting, “Give me knowledge.” Well maybe not quite that extreme but close, I’m sure. Now what? Educate your employees. Arm them with knowledge. Rollout a regularly scheduled security topic that can tie back to one of your firm’s policies. If acceptable for your firm culture, make it fun with competitions and takeaways. Educate them on how this topic affects them personally and professionally. For example, the topic of Phishing not only affects our work email but also our personal email. When your attorneys and staff understand the dangers of Phishing and what to look for at the office, this will carry over to personal security as well. Then, they start telling family, friends and wait for it…clients! Your monthly topic needs to be given the right amount of communication, marketing and learning content. One of our OnGuard clients had this to say after the implementation of their security awareness program: “I noticed that a number of attorneys were proactively reaching out to clients to talk about issues they saw or changes in clients’ practices or technology,” continues Wahl of Sullivan and Worcester. “That was a tremendous result. It reflects the success of the program and the success of affecting change.”

Don’t Wait. Mitigate.

When security is a priority at the firm’s highest levels, it becomes a priority at all levels. Employees will be empowered to share their knowledge and clients will take notice in the efforts that your firm is putting forth to protect their data.

Our award-winning OnGuard Security Awareness Program will help your firm’s employees be proactive when it comes to protecting your firm’s data. Contact us and let’s talk about how our Information Security products and services can work for your firm!