Imagine That …

Yep, I just did that. I took the easy road. I chose the low hanging fruit. I went for the easy play on words and easy math. I took the theme of ILTA this year and made it a tag line. Yep, imagine that! (and for those that know me, it's not hard to imagine).

But really, imagine a different way of approaching life in law firms. We seem to be fighting the same battles all the time …with the same results. We implement change only to be met with anger, resentment, and the throwing of rotting vegetables. In fact, as we implement the change, we ourselves "brace for impact" knowing that regardless of how good a job we do people are still going to fight us. Most people will say words like "change is good" or "change is invigorating" …but when it actually hits them where they live, they resist and get angry. "Don't you know who I am!" And thus, the age old problem, …change is seen as an impediment instead of a process of improving the environment for the practice of law.

Imagining is all about opening your mind to new ways of thinking and new ideas. 

Approaching the same issues …in the same way …with the same results is, I believe, the text book definition of insanity. It's time to reevaluate. It's time to go back to the drawing board and ask the right questions rather than just reacting. It's time to reimagine our approach. Change is all about figuring out the why, aligning it with the business reason, getting the right message out there, and addressing a business need in your firm. Sadly, we live our lives in the legal environment just trying to get by and reacting to all the demands …but in the end we end up just tired and change doesn't stick. 

Imagining is the ability to take two seemingly opposing thoughts and finding a common answer that meets the business needs. 

Roger Martin addresses this in his book Diaminds: Decoding the Mental Habits of Successful Thinkers.

Successful thinking integrates several radically different models while preserving the thinker’s ability to act decisively. The successful thinker is an integrator who can quickly and effectively abstract the best qualities of radically different ways of seeing and representing; in doing so, that person develops ‘a better lens’ on the bewildering phenomenon we call the ‘world.’

Imagine facing two seemingly opposing forces (e.g., implementing security awareness v. the inconvenience of security measures in the minds of lawyers) …and rather thn fearing the tension, you embrace it and find a solution that works for both. Now wouldn't that be a coup.

ILTA's annual conference starts today. Imagine is the theme. There's a great deal of energy here among attendees. Traveling Coaches is here waiting to talk with our clients and friends about how we can help you reimagine your security initiatives, your learning programs, your lawyer learning, your communication strategies, and all your change initiatives. Come see us in Booth 300/302 tonight at 7 pm and throughout the rest of the week.

If you're not Imagining …you're recreating the same old tired wheel …with the same results.