Legal Security: It's all about the conversation …Let' all join in…

Last day of LegalSEC Summit 2014 and I have a few thoughts (I know, it surprised me too)…

One thing I noticed right away at this year's LegalSEC Summit was the energy level. It was palpable. There was an infectious energy around the ever changing and often daunting task of addressing security issues in law firms. People were asking questions, sharing stories, sometimes commiserating, but also sharing victories (big and small). We laughed. We cried. We danced. …we, …ok, I made those last two up, but there was a lot of laughing. It was great to see people letting their walls down and openly discussing what works and doesn't work in their firm and candidly discussing the challenges we all face.

I also noticed that there seemed to be a rallying point … almost a "call to arms" … where law firm leadership represented here were tired of our industry being viewed as "soft" when it comes to security. There was a sense of "we're not gonna take it anymore." Let's mobilize the legal community and take back the ground where our clients may be losing trust that we are a safe place for their data. There is a growing sense of pride in our industry and a desire to regain our reputation. I'm getting chills.

And finally, it is becoming increasingly clear that no one person has the golden ticket, that magic pill, the "this will resolve everything" perfect answer to all your Security issues. The collective knowledge and sharing among legal professionals is so important in the security initiatives at law firms. It's also the backbone of the ILTA peer to peer network organization. Along those same lines, it's also nice to know that you're not alone. As Christopher Pierson, PhD., J.D., stated in his keynote address yesterday, information sharing is key. We share a common enemy and can be a great help to one another. 

So, at the risk of planting the seed of your favorite Village People song in your head (that you will be humming and singing for the rest of the day), let me wrap up with this …the age old cliché phrase is spot-on accurate for us in the family of legal …It takes a village!. Welcome to the village! Embrace your inner "village people" calling. Don’t be the “village idiot”! (too far?)

If you haven't already, join in the conversation. 

Signing off from LegalSEC Summit 2014. Be safe out there!