Live from LegalSEC Summit - Security and Business: Get Together Stat!

This is the official first day of the LegalSEC Summit 2014 (the 2nd part of the two ILTA powerhouse events in Lombard, IL this week). Great sessions! Great information! Great conversations! 

The day started with a fantastic keynote address by Christopher Pierson, PhD., J.D. at Viewpost. He addressed the fact that Law Firms are the "soft underbelly of Corporate America" and a highly valued target of cybercriminals. This was followed by a great panel presentation by our very own Gina Buser, CEO of Traveling Coaches, and Jamie Herman, Manager of Information Security at Ropes & Gray, discussing practical approaches to making your security program a Business-Aligned Initiative.

It became very clear very quickly that people are starting to understand that getting the right people to talk with one another is key to gaining progress in getting law firm personnel to understand how important security issues are and how they have to change their behavior to deal with the threat. In my experience and in my observations of law firms, there's an unfortunate disconnect and divide between the security professionals and the business professionals. Each one sees the other as adversarial and in opposition to their goals. Kind of like a marriage counseling session where both sides say that the other "just doesn't understand me". Both have the same goal (hopefully) but they are working against each other to get there.

Here's the thing … We have a common enemy. We have a common interest. We have a common goal. Let's have a common dialog. Both sides need to enter the conversation. Walls need to come down if we are going to make some positive changes. No one voice or opinion will resolve this seeming impasse. I'm not suggesting that we all have a big hug, hold hands, and sing "Kumbaya" (though, that would be immensely entertaining …and perhaps a bit disturbing). I'm just saying that isolated conversations will not bring the business and security camps together. Peanut butter and Jelly are better together!

Let's keep the chat going. See you 'round campus!

Kenny, …the Roving, Tweeting, Blogging, Onsite LegalSEC Traveling Coaches Reporter!