Live from LegalSEC Summit - Why can't we all just get along?!?...

I currently have the privilege of attending the combined ILTA SharePoint Symposium 2014 and LegalSEC Summit 2014. Today is exclusively dedicated to SharePoint topics yet, while sitting in the keynote address by Scot Hillier (MVP, SharePoint Server, Scot Hillier Technical Solutions, LLC), I was struck by something he mentioned that aligns with what we've been discussing for some time now in our OnGuard™ Security Awareness program. It comes down to people's reaction to change. In Scot's context, he was addressing the phenomenon of IT personnel being dismissive and resistant to the evolution of hosted services (e.g., IaaS, SaaS, PaaS …pick an acronym). IT says no, but the Executives and Strategic Business Decision Makers say we are going to explore it. They believe the cost, convenience, and collaboration components are compelling (that's today's alliteration, you're welcome!). 

The world has changed. The consumers are very empowered and we need to align our IT solutions with the way people work. In the absence of us providing a safe avenue for this type of service, people will find a way to do it on their own. This leads to much of the unsafe behavior that Security Awareness programs like OnGuard™ are trying to address. Those responsible for Firm Information Security and those responsible for the Business Direction and Profitability need to understand one another and find a common solution. This also brings up the ongoing "cage match" …the Ultimate Fighting Championship match …Mobility v. Security. Let's not be scared of the future …and let's not be irresponsible in our mobility offerings. It's time we all get along and make this world a safer place. More on this in the coming days. 

'Til next.