Reasons Why You Should Join Us at ILTACON 2017

It’s that time of year again, folks. As summer winds down for everyone else, we’re gearing up for the biggest week of the year. We expect ILTACON 2017 to be better than ever and we’re making last minute preparations to host our annual Sunday night networking event that follows the ILTACON opening ceremonies.

This year our event will have a constellation theme and we’re not trying to be “punny” when we say that it will be OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. If, after the opening ceremony, you plan to head back to your hotel room to get a good night’s sleep before the conference kicks off, we have a few reasons why you shouldn’t be so sensible. 

It’s Vegas baby!

If there were ever a time to stay out all night (or just until our event ends at midnight) under the glow of a thousand LED lights blinking from floor to ceiling, it would be on this trip to Vegas. It’s practically expected.

We know how to have fun!

We know it’s Vegas, but at Traveling Coaches we believe in a good life/work balance, which is why we love to have fun at work. Yes, there will be drinks. Yes, there will be music. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of opportunities to make meaningful work connections as well. So what if it happens to be on the dance floor? And to that, we say, “YASS.” 

We hate stereotypes.

So lawyers and IT professionals are nerdy and boring, right? It’s hard to keep that stereotype going when you’re busting a move in a Vegas nightclub. But don’t go too crazy! We still encourage you to talk about how great your firm is and how the products and services offered by Traveling Coaches have contributed to that greatness. 

We love wallflowers.

So you aren’t the Vegas type but you still want to join in on the fun? No problem. We will have plenty of Traveling Coaches reps available if you want to talk about future training opportunities or ways to maximize your skills assessment strategies. And we don’t mind sharing our expertise on the sidelines or while recreating awkward dance moves made famous by Saturday Night Live skits.

The bottom line is that we are SO excited to see you guys in Vegas and we’re ready to break it down and show off our expertise in technology for the legal industry. And we plan on doing both at the same time.

Come, be a star at LIGHT on August, 13 at 9pm-Midnight.

Wear your dancing shoes and bring a stack of business cards.

Curious about our schedule of events for ILTACON 2017? Click the button and plan to spend some quality time with us!