Tailgates and Touchdowns — Ways to Score Big with Security Awareness

It’s fall y’all! Temperatures are getting cooler, and football season has finally begun! Whether tailgating at dawn or camping out on the couch, my weekends are now spent cheering on my favorite teams with family, friends, food and festivities. Even if you aren’t a die-hard sports fan, tailgating can still be the highlight of your weekend. With planning and preparation, tailgating can bring the “W”— regardless of the outcome of the actual game. 

When hosting the perfect tailgate, planning and preparation are the keys to success! We strategically select our location – whether near the college campus, a parking lot near the stadium, or our back porch. We then focus on the menu – festive drinks and yummy food! Sweet and salty, finger foods, easy prep and easy clean up. Finally, we spend time picking just the right games for our crew to play during downtime and halftime. Cornhole, Kubb, yard darts and frisbee are among our favorites.

As I reflect on the importance of planning and preparation, I am drawn to the similarities that exist with implementing a successful security awareness program. And since security awareness should not be an event but rather a program, this planning is something that is continuous. Those who are really moving the needle and truly establishing a security culture follow several key recommendations related to planning and preparation.

Select a Spot:
In order to measure success, you need to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals. Gather baseline metrics before the program begins so you have something to measure against.

Plan the Menu:
Identify a team who is responsible for the program and meet monthly. The recommended agenda for the monthly meeting includes:

  • Review Prior Month (emphasis on metrics, reinforcing behavior and enhancing the program)

  • Implementation of Current Month (emphasis on building and enabling capabilities)

  • Final Preparation for Next Month (emphasis on communication and buy-in)

  • Discovery and Pre-Planning for Future Topics (emphasis on discovery and awareness)

Watch (or Play) the Game: Host a yearly kickoff event and then focus on 10 key topics in a year.

With planning and preparation, your Security Awareness Team will be ready to score big!