Measure What Matters

What is the value of your learning programs? I’m talking about onboarding, security awareness, technology training, professional development — all of it.

When I pose this question, I’m typically met with blank stares, or I am told the number of attendees in classes or the quantity of classes offered. But what is the value? While anecdotal stats provide important insight, metrics that measure butts in seats don’t necessarily indicate value. Peter Drucker, founder of modern management, said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Given this truth, it is essential that we are intentional and plan what gets measured, ensuring we’re measuring what matters.

In this article, Eileen gives a sneak peek of what she’ll be covering in her session at ALA’s annual conference in Grapevine, TX on Monday, April 15th.

This article was first published in ALA’s March 2019 Legal Management magazine. For more information about ALA, visit

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