New Year, New You: Oh, the Places You’ll Go if You Measure!

Happy YOU year! And we’re off! I’ve been fast at work scheduling conferences, speaking engagements, thought leadership content, and my own professional development. I hope you are being intentional about your own growth plan as well.

This year I am focusing on measurement, a topic extremely important to us all. Yet, it is often neglected. Let’s face it, measuring is hard, it’s time-consuming, and it can be scary. Sometimes we don’t want to know what the data could tell us. But I keep coming back to this question: How will you know when you are successful or when you’ve met your goals if you don’t measure? I know, I know... What if we measure, and we fail? Push aside that fear! What if you succeed? And how can you continuously improve if you have nothing to measure against?


I’m going for it and taking a deeper dive into the following this year. Let’s see where the adventure leads!

  • Establishing metrics that matter, those that really indicate value

  • Identifying which key performance indicators are best for measuring learning effectiveness and user adoption, and how specifically to measure each

  • Recognizing what OKRs are, why I should care, and how to use them with my clients and in my work (NOTE: I’m super excited to learn more about OKRs, as this something several top companies use and is discussed in a book I’m reading on “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr.)

  • Figuring out the proper cadence to measure

  • Finding what tools exist for metrics that are easy to use and inexpensive (NOTE: I’ve created a spreadsheet that generates a visual dashboard but what else is out there? It is always fun to discover new tech!)

  • Overcoming obstacles associated with measurement – especially that measuring is time-consuming – and identifying key strategies to help me find time to do this (NOTE: I have a feeling this more about priorities. What compelling statistics exist which prove to me that I do have time and need to make this a priority?)

If you have insight to share with me, I’d love to hear from you. Where is your professional growth journey taking you this year?

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