Spring Into Action: Training is NOT a Spectator Sport

Though too many of us throughout the U.S. are still covered in snow, the spring is upon us. This is an exciting time of growth and new possibilities, and with value being top of mind for me these days. I challenge learning leaders everywhere to spring into action and take time to consider how your program brings value to your organization. I invite you to consider four key assumptions when setting expectations for your learning programs and defining value:

I’m going for it and taking a deeper dive into the following this year. Let’s see where the adventure leads!

  • PURPOSE: Learning programs should enable learners to maximize performance; not enable trainers to deliver a course.

    DATA: Make decisions based on data. Evaluation helps maximize value and encourage continuous improvement. Without data, the effect and value of decisions cannot be measured.

    QUALITY: Quality is defined by the customer. How well you meet their expectations determines success.

    EFFORT: To deliver value, action is required.

Are your programs enabling performance? Are you making decisions based on data? Are you engaging with your customer to ensure you are meeting their needs? We, learning professionals, own the effort. Training is not a spectator sport.

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