Traveling Coaches
Certified Legal Trainer Program

Traveling Coaches’ Certified Legal Trainer Program is the first and only program to focus on the new skills and best-practices law firm trainers must master in order to bring real value to their firms. Unlike any learning activity you have experienced, this seven-week blended learning program will DARE you to think outside the classroom and leverage many different learning techniques – many of them self-directed. The CLTP includes a broad range of adult learning, facilitation, engagement, measurement and organizational theories, filtered for relevance and effectiveness within a law firm, and delivered by award-winning educators.

Traveling Coaches Certified trainers are able to discover learning opportunities, architect effective learning experiences, facilitate a variety of modalities, and measure the effectiveness of learning. Whether new to legal, or a veteran of many years, the Certified Legal Trainer Program is for all trainers who want to elevate their game and hone their skills.


Program Outline

Certified Legal Trainer Program Six-Week Outline
“This program was very thorough and well put together. There are a lot of training conferences out there, but none focus on the legal world. This program was exactly what I was looking for, and I am so glad I attended!”
— Susan Hopkins, Technical Support Analyst/Trainer at Beveridge & Diamond PC

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Check the dates of upcoming sessions, read how CLTP is transforming law firm trainers into strategic assets or even how to convince my boss to invest in my talent development.

Watch this video where our Senior Learning & Change Management Consultant, Eileen Whitaker, takes a deeper dive into our award-winning Certified Legal Training Program.