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Webinar: Love Your Firm’s Learning Solution with the New LegalMind

Join Cindy Mitchell, our Director of Product Development, for a webinar demonstration of the NEW LegalMind®. Register now!

Thursday, February 14 from 12pm-1pm

Love Your Firm’s Learning Solution with the New LegalMind®

Imagine it: It’s Friday and you just learned a new lateral starts on Monday. A team manager needs a quick tutorial on how to handle difficult conversations. A client is requesting proof that their legal team is compliant with security awareness requirements. And your IT department needs to know who has completed training and is ready for the new document management system. How do you manage onboarding? What professional development training do you offer your staff? Where do you track compliance? How do you close skills gaps with targeted technology training? The answer to all these and more is LegalMind.

LegalMind is the one-stop-shop for all your firm’s learning and development needs! During this webinar demonstration, we’ll show you:

  • Thousands of eLearning and classroom courses, facilitator guides, lesson plans, and a variety of pre-built quizzes and surveys that can be used to create blended learning experiences

  • A modern, intuitive interface with powerful search and filtering to make it quick and easy for learners to find exactly what they need

  • Learning paths that standardize goals for groups and personalize the experience for individuals

  • Features like certification, recertification, notifications and dashboard reporting to make compliance management a snap

  • Gamification with badges, leaderboards and more to increase learner engagement and make learning fun

  • Assessment and survey analytics to help you keep a pulse on trends and learner adoption

Register and see what else LegalMind has to offer. We’ll make you love your learning solution!