Traveling Coaches Launches New “Respectful Workplace” Program

DALLAS – August 19, 2019 – Traveling Coaches announced its latest innovation to help law firms ensure a safe, inclusive workplace environment: Respectful Workplace. This new program gives employees access to education and resources that help them increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence, recognize situations that involve sexual harassment or sex discrimination, and identify what to do if they experience these situations in the workplace.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has addressed various types of discrimination for years, but many states are taking the next step to make awareness training mandatory for all of an organization’s employees, with some states already enforcing compliance. An award-winning innovator in the areas of user adoption and learning development, Traveling Coaches recognized a need to provide employers with a program that goes beyond checking a box to cultivating behavioral changes that create a respectful workplace for all employees. 

“Developing engaging content that meets both national and state requirements has taken a lot of research, and we’re extremely excited to deliver an ongoing program that empowers employees to become part of the change,” said Cindy Mitchell, Director of Product Development at Traveling Coaches. “As more states develop their own mandates, we’ll continue to update and evolve the program. We’ve designed the program so that firms can get started with what makes sense for their employees now.”

The Respectful Workplace program provides employees with a variety of learning style options that cover important topics related to sexual harassment, sex discrimination, diversity, stress management and emotional intelligence. It includes carefully curated content, examples and scenarios, and a virtual coach to help encourage employees’ success through the program.

Gina Buser, founder and CEO of Traveling Coaches, said, “We’re dedicated to changing workplaces for the better, and the Respectful Workplace program provides the foundation for that change. This isn’t just about compliance, this is about people understanding each other and what’s appropriate in the workplace, and giving everyone the information and tools they need to help protect themselves and others from sexual harassment. In light of the pressure on legal professionals today, we felt it was important to provide content and resources on emotional intelligence and stress management.Respectful Workplace is informing and educating our employees in a way that encourages all of us to work together to create the type of work environment where everyone can thrive.”


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