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Springboard™ and LEAP- Legal Education Action Plan® consulting and talent development services help law firms transform their learning programs to better support 21st century learners. Our consultants bring best-in-class standards and award-winning expertise to law firm training departments looking to increase the value and effectiveness of firm-wide learning. Our performance-driven and measurement-based approach challenges the status quo and recognizes that which is working well and identifies where there are opportunities for growth and increased value.

Traveling Coaches’ Springboard™ services offer a scalable, multi-tiered approach to boost law firms’ training competencies at the program, leadership, team and individual trainer levels. It all begins with LEAP- Legal Education Action Plan®, where learning programs are redesigned.

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Springboard™ Multi-Tiered Approach to Elevated Learning

Springboard™ | Learning Program Redesigned
Springboard™ Multi-Tiered Approach to Elevated Learning
“Traveling Coaches impressed us with their level of expertise and theoretical understanding of adult learning, especially in larger, global law firms. The team offered a methodical approach to the project that emphasized training innovation over status quo.”
— Freshfields Regional Head for IT (US)

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