Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz

Leverages Traveling Coaches Expertise for Firm-Wide Rollout of NetDocuments

Traveling Coaches put together an army of trainers to assist with the switch to NetDocuments. That peace of mind was comforting when you’re betting the farm on a project of this size.
— John Green, CIO, Baker Donelson

When Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz P.C. decided to switch to NetDocuments (including NetDocuments EM and ndOffice), CIO John Green turned to trusted partner Traveling Coaches for strategic insight and support for user adoption, training and communications.

“For me, what’s important is a partner with a good reputation, experience and ability. I knew Traveling Coaches could do this. I never worried for a minute,” shares Green. 

Green knew that the project, which included a flash cutover for 1300+ employees of the AmLaw 100 firm with 22 locations, would need extensive planning and expert reinforcement for user adoption and floor support.

“With a law firm our size, there’s no way we can internally staff the number of trainers necessary to accommodate a tech rollout of this magnitude. We were going to completely change the document management system used by more than 1,000 people in one weekend. It was two projects in one, since we rolled out NetDocuments and their email management solution as well,” explains Green.

He continues: “We’ve worked with Traveling Coaches for about 15 years on various projects including our Office 2010 rollout. Traveling Coaches put together an army of trainers to assist with the switch to NetDocuments, and certainly brought peace of mind as we were betting the farm on a project of this size.”

NetDocuments and Baker Donelson

The firm is the first in the US to deploy NetDocuments EM.

“I spent a long time trying to find a new solution for a document management system. Some legacy solutions have neglected development and the SharePoint market hasn’t matured enough. NetDocuments introduced significant innovations like NetDocuments EM for advanced predictive email filing and ndOffice along with a robust security model. It also integrates with Microsoft Office and Office 365, so I jumped on board,” says Green. 

Preparing for the Switch to NetDocuments

Project planning began in February 2016, with the cutover scheduled for August. The project committee included the chairman of the firm’s technology committee, the COO, practice group chairs, department heads, several board members and representatives from Traveling Coaches and eSentio Technologies.

“The Traveling Coaches team sat in on all planning meetings for the project. They were plugged in the entire time and added immense value,” comments Green. “They laid out how the project should go, produced the user adoption strategy and provoked a lot of discussions regarding communications and tools - a strategic and comprehensive way to ramp up the enthusiasm around the firm. Their user adoption methodology is absolutely effective.”

The multi-faceted plan from Traveling Coaches included interactive and informative training before and after the cutover, user adoption insight, strategic communications, and on-site support for users and project management.

Prior to the cutover, Traveling Coaches created and held on-site and virtual training sessions for the firm’s 22 offices to facilitate the switch to NetDocuments.

“Traveling Coaches conducted hands-on training for all of the firm’s employees. When attorneys and staff left the training classes, they had packets of information as well as quick reference guides created by Traveling Coaches,” explains Green. “I received a lot of positive comments from lawyers and staff about the training sessions, reiterating the innovative approach and combination of hands-on and eLearning materials.”

Praises for the training included comments such as:

“Professional and wonderful teachers, peppered with kindness and patience all along the way.”

“They did an excellent job keeping everyone focused and upbeat. People left the session feeling they had learned some additional tips on using NetDocuments.” 

“Traveling Coaches won us over and I am very, very, very happy.” 

A Successful Cutover

“The cutover was incredibly smooth,” shares Green. “There was nothing that the Traveling Coaches support team couldn’t handle. As a matter of fact, I had planned to skip ILTACON because the go-live date was one week before the conference. We rolled it out and everything was so smooth that by Wednesday, I went to conference. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Traveling Coaches ensured success with their proven user adoption best practices.

“We had daily support calls at the end of every day where all floor support and certain staff members would talk about challenges they encountered. Traveling Coaches would propose different ways of handling and solving problems for users. They would come in the next day and have a new plan on how to minimize the issues users were having and items such as handouts, emails and tips and tricks to support it,” reveals Green.

The expert representatives from Traveling Coaches stayed on after the switch to further assist users.

“Post cutover, we had Traveling Coaches consultants on the ground in various offices going door-to-door, holding hands, and answering questions for users,” says Green. 

Going Above and Beyond

As the first firm to deploy NetDocuments EM, Baker Donelson was in uncharted waters. Luckily, Traveling Coaches had the resources necessary to ensure that no question or request for help went unanswered.

“After we rolled out NetDocuments EM, we needed a lot more floor support than I had planned. Traveling Coaches pulled together the teams to keep floor support going long past what we originally estimated,” states Green. “We couldn’t have done it without Traveling Coaches.”

Measuring Success

Green considers the project a huge success.

“My goal was to transition from an outdated document management system to a new and refreshed piece of technology with minimum disruption to the daily workflow of the attorneys,” he reports. “We accomplished this 100%. I can’t think of anything I would have changed.”

One key to that success was Traveling Coaches.

“All of the feedback from their training personnel was excellent and I appreciated the ongoing floor support,” Green comments.

When asked if he would work with Traveling Coaches in the future, Green responds affirmatively.

“I’m already planning to work with them again. Traveling Coaches provided a partnership that really made a difference in how well we rolled out NetDocuments. Their NetDocuments experience, flexibility and outstanding talent made them the clear choice for our mission critical project.”