Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Partners with Traveling Coaches for
Firm-Wide Deployment of NetDocuments

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC had only one change management partner in mind for its firm-wide NetDocuments rollout: Traveling Coaches. 

“We couldn’t have done it without Traveling Coaches,” says Phil Casale, CIO for the AmLaw 200 firm. 

The firm planned to switch its 19 offices and 900+ users from Open Text eDOCS to NetDocuments in just 120 days. Its leadership understood that the scope of the project would necessitate additional expertise and support. 

“The firm didn’t have the internal training resources to switch multiple offices concurrently to NetDocuments. We partnered with Traveling Coaches in the past for software deployments. We were very comfortable working with them once again,” shares Jared Gullbergh, Senior Manager - Information Governance and Technology Service Management for Buchanan. 

The collaboration between Traveling Coaches and Buchanan resulted in what Kimberley Daniels Scumaci, Technology Support and Education Specialist for the firm, referred to as a “100% success.” 

As she explains: “The NetDocuments knowledge that Traveling Coaches exhibited is truly unmeasurable.” 

NetDocuments to Replace Multiple Document Management Systems 

The firm’s document management system challenges began in early 2014 when a merger added five new offices.

“The new offices were using iManage,” says Gullbergh. “Typically, we would have imported their files into eDOCS. However, they had a lot of functionality in iManage that they relied on daily for their work. We explored reproducing that functionality in eDOCS, but realized many of the integrated apps were not yet compatible with the required eDOCS upgrade. When we evaluated NetDocuments through a proof of concept, attorneys, secretaries and administrative staff had overwhelmingly positive responses. It was a first in my tenure with the firm.” 

“NetDocuments merited the feedback based on the user-friendly interface, secured link functionality, ability to support information governance initiatives, advanced search capabilities, and several other concepts we are undertaking in the Firm,” adds Gullbergh. 

Buchanan’s aggressive rollout started in Florida and then expanded to the rest of the firm’s offices.

The Traveling Coaches Contribution

In support of the NetDocuments deployment, Traveling Coaches shaped the training program which consisted of classroom-style and on-site sessions, and contributed materials to accompany the training process. Additionally, Traveling Coaches provided nearly 20 coaches to work hand-in-hand with Buchanan, its staff, and its training team. 

“Traveling Coaches seemed incredibly invested in the success of the project. They provided in-depth NetDocuments training materials that we could easily customize to fit the needs of the firm. They proactively shared information to help prepare the team. We benefited from their exceptional project management skills and customer service. After each and every meeting with Traveling Coaches, I would return to my desk and find all the follow-up materials waiting for me,” adds Scumaci.

Like many projects of this size, a certain amount of dexterity was needed to accommodate the firm’s shifting timeline. 

“Traveling Coaches went above and beyond by accommodating our frequent schedule changes – which wasn’t easy considering the scope of the project and the number of coaches involved,” says Scumaci. 

Adds Gullbergh: “The coaches did an admirable job of keeping things on schedule.” 

The NetDocuments Curriculum

In addition to providing training materials, the Traveling Coaches team shared their user adoption expertise and best practices to help develop the training curriculum.

“Traveling Coaches’ knowledge of NetDocuments and legal-specific user adoption contributed significantly to the development of the curriculum. The coaches would add different perspectives and ask questions that certainly shaped what the final product looked like,” comments Scumaci. 

The training sessions developed into three tracts, providing customized training agendas for administrative staff and attorneys and breaking attorney classes into manageable chunks to attract attorney participation. The class schedule and content, jointly developed, consisted of one or two Traveling Coaches trainers in every office. They would train during the week preceding the weekend migration and remain on-site the following week for floor support. 

Legal-Specific, Expertise-Driven Training

Training began with the Buchanan team itself and then expanded across the firm’s 19 offices.

“I would send classroom proctors from our headquarters in Pittsburgh to each office. Some proctors were not yet familiar with NetDocuments and Traveling Coaches brought them up to speed. They gave my team confidence,” shares Scumaci.

The confidence stemmed from Traveling Coaches’ comprehensive knowledge of NetDocuments and the knowledge of the unique learning requirements of attorneys and legal staff members. 

“There was not one Traveling Coaches trainer that didn’t know NetDocuments inside and out,” says Scumaci. “Their training was a tremendous success. Attorneys and staff got to know the Coaches by name. You can tell that the Coaches like what they are doing and they were genuinely motivated to make sure everyone remained happy. End users noticed this. Critique sheets from each training session came back with glowing reviews, and I received a lot of positive feedback for those training and handling floor support.”

“There wasn’t much that Traveling Coaches had to escalate to the Buchanan team. The only things they ran up the flag pole were specific to the firm’s technical configuration of NetDocuments or a question of policy or preference,” adds Gullbergh.

A Successful Deployment and Quiet Offices 

Buchanan’s rollout of NetDocuments rated as a success. 

According to Gullbergh, “At the end of each week, I knew things were going well because things were quiet. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true.” 

“Attorneys felt comfortable with NetDocuments at the end of the floor support week. They would log in and know what to do. I’d walk past an office and see an attorney working an advanced search and think ‘This is good,’” comments Scumaci. 

“I would absolutely recommend Traveling Coaches,” says Gullbergh. “The knowledge they bring to the table and the great attitude they contribute made a difference with our NetDocuments rollout.” 

Shares Scumaci: “We rolled out location by location and it was challenging for Traveling Coaches because of last-minute changes and coordinating the number of coaches we needed. They were professional and accommodating throughout the entire project. What they brought from other firms was truly helpful. This was a huge undertaking and we couldn’t have done it without Traveling Coaches.”