Munsch Hardt

Traveling Coaches Ensures Speedy Transition
as Munsch Hardt Moves to NetDocuments

Mike Furr, Director of Information Technology for Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C., didn’t anticipate making drastic changes during his first year with the firm. 

“When I joined Munsch Hardt, I planned to focus in the short term on infrastructure changes and high-priority items,” he shares. “After an analysis of our document management system, however, I had concerns regarding security as well as disaster recovery and the resources required to support it on premise.”

Fortunately, the firm quickly identified a replacement: NetDocuments. 

“Within 15 minutes of seeing the NetDocuments demo, I knew this was the right DMS for the firm,” says Furr. 

The firm’s executives and management committee agreed, based on NetDocuments’ innovation, user-friendly interface and security. After signing the contract, the firm faced another challenge: ensuring rapid user adoption in the short time remaining before the flash cutover. 

“We didn’t have the internal training resources to handle this project for all three offices and 200 employees. We needed a partner to help our transition to NetDocuments,” comments Furr. 

After carefully researching options, Munsch Hardt hired Traveling Coaches. 

“We did our due diligence and researched other user adoption companies. At the end of that process, I felt extremely confident that Traveling Coaches was the ideal partner for the firm’s NetDocuments initiative. Compared to the competition, their reputation is second to none. Their coaches are familiar with NetDocuments and other legal applications as well as the culture of law firms. That’s huge,” explains Furr. 


Traveling Coaches worked hand in hand with the Julie Clegg, the firm’s training specialist and a graduate of the company’s Certified Legal Trainer Program. The team faced a short deadline, with planning in July and August and the firm’s flash cutover in September.

“Documents are the bread and butter of law firms. Moving to NetDocuments represented a major culture shift. We were about to rock everyone’s world,” explains Clegg. 

With this thought in mind, Traveling Coaches and Clegg created and rolled out a comprehensive plan that included NetDocuments user adoption materials, train-the-trainer sessions, user training and floor support. 

According to Clegg: “After the strategic planning session, Traveling Coaches delivered training outlines and plans, communications such as email, handouts and posters, timelines, best practices and more. I was able to pick and choose what worked for Munsch Hardt and our culture. It was truly a collaborative process. Each step of the way Traveling Coaches worked with us in terms of content, scheduling and availability.” 

The project kicked off with user adoption-oriented initiatives that focused on building awareness for the NetDocuments transition. 

“Everyone in the firm knew what was going on after that,” comments Clegg. “The communications were excellent.” 

Traveling Coaches led a train-the-trainer session for the IT team, which included four hours of instruction, interaction and Q&A. Then, immediately before the flash cutover, Traveling Coaches hosted short, instructor-led training sessions in Houston, Austin and Dallas for all firm attorneys and staff members. The sessions were scheduled multiple times throughout the week to accommodate Munsch Hardt’s busy professionals.

“It was challenging because we only had three days for training,” states Furr. “Traveling Coaches developed a ‘one session fits all’ course that would cover what attorneys and staff needed to know. We got positive feedback on the training for both content and time. In fact, the training was so well attended that we reduced the number of scheduled sessions.”
Traveling Coaches also provided the flexibility needed during firmwide solution initiatives. 
“Even when you have the perfect project, there can be roadblocks. When we needed a resource or to make changes to the plan, Traveling Coaches stepped up and made it work,” comments Furr.


“When the firm employees left on Friday, we removed the old DMS from their desktop. We went live on Monday and had Traveling Coaches on the ground in each office to provide deskside support. There were always coaches available, and they were very responsive. Traveling Coaches team members were so skilled that within four days, people didn’t need any help. They were already comfortable with NetDocuments,” says Furr.

He continues: “The Traveling Coaches trainers blew my mind with their NetDocuments knowledge. They shared with us loads of details about how to get the most from NetDocuments.” 

A clear line of communications ensured that the support maintained a high level of effectiveness. 

“Traveling Coaches communicated with me every day immediately following the cutover. We had a meeting at the end of every day with the Traveling Coaches trainers to discuss progress and any problems,” shares Clegg. 


“The NetDocuments project was a success,” states Furr. “It was seamless. There was never an issue that came up where I had to get involved. Our CEO was very impressed with the transition. I was extremely happy with Traveling Coaches’ contribution to this project. In fact, I had put off other projects to accommodate this one. Because the NetDocuments flash cutover went so well, the IT team was able to take some days off shortly afterward. No one expected that.”

“Overall I am very pleased,” says Clegg. “When we finished the planning and strategic meetings, our goal was to be relatively free of hand-holding within six weeks. We beat that goal by a week.”

She continues: “I got a lot of good feedback on the training and the rollout. People were pleased with the support. We had compliments on all the Traveling Coaches trainers.” 

“What’s incredible about this project is that we signed in July and went live end of September. That goes to show how successful the project was. I kept waiting for someone to pinch me,” comments Furr. 

When asked if Munsch Hardt would work with Traveling Coaches again, the answers were overwhelmingly positive. 

“I give high marks to Traveling Coaches,” explains Furr. “They’re extremely capable.” 

“Traveling Coaches were very thorough in their preparation. They came in organized, professional and knowledgeable. They helped us make this project a huge success,” agrees Clegg.