ILTACON 2017 may be in the books, but the memories are still fresh in our minds. While there were many moments that led us to smile at conference, this is a list of moments captured that particularly warmed our hearts. 

1. Kicking off ILTACON 2017 with CONSTELLATION networking event

This year we hosted our annual networking event at Light Nightclub in Las Vegas so of course it was a rush to see Traveling Coaches logo atop the marquee. We had a great time networking and connecting the ILTA community to their peers. 

2. TC-Rex and the Cupid Shuffle took over the dance floor

We introduced TC-Rex, our newest team member during our CONSTELLATION networking event and he made quite an impression! I mean, look at these moves in the video below. We don’t know too many people who could lead the Cupid Shuffle with such fervor on a dance floor, let alone a TC-Rex. 

3. Exploring the galaxy with Signs of the Zodiac

We had a blast at ILTA’s Vendor Galaxy during the Exhibit Hall Opening Reception. Our spin on the galaxy theme incorporated the signs of the zodiac. ILTA members stepped in front of the lens in our photo booth with their sign of the zodiac and left with a picture memento of the evening. 

4. Winning the red ribbon for our booth decorations

For the third year in a row, we won the red ribbon for decorating our booth! Here’s a picture of the gang: (first row, kneeling, left to right) Amy Manint as Virgo, Kenny Leckie as Taurus, (second row, standing, left to right) Eileen Whitaker as Libra, Gina Buser as Cancer, Stacey Moore as Aquarius, Carolyn Humpherys as Scorpio, Joe Buser as Gemini, (third row, standing, left to right) Lyndi Lockhart as Leo, Jarrod Kastanek as Aries, Frank Barnard as Pisces, Cindy Mitchell as Capricorn ad Jennifer Diaz as Sagittarius. 

5. Posing like a dinosaur

Traveling Coaches hosted the TC-Rex Competition where ILTA members had to spot TC-Rex, snap a picture with him, and post to social media to be eligible for a $50 Amazon gift card. Our Tuesday winner is pictured below. 

6. Winning ILTA’s Publication Award 2017

This year, Traveling Coaches won ILTA’s Publication Award for Most Innovative Ad Content for our “To Serve and Protect” campaign. Joe Buser accepted the award on stage at ILTA’s Distinguished Peer Awards. We were also honored to be shortlisted for Innovative Provider of the Year and Consultant of the Year. 

7. Intense tug of war

The Wednesday winner for the TC-Rex picture competition gave TC-Rex a run for his money in a tug of war match! While who won the tug of war remains unseen, this contestant walked away with a $50 Amazon gift card for his winning post. 

8. TC-Rex was feeling the love

We captured some more fun moments of TC-Rex at ILTACON, like when he stole the hearts of our team members as you can see by the camaraderie captured in this post. 

9. Breaking the sound barrier 

Another moment where TC-Rex brought smiles to our faces was this one where TC-Rex went full throttle, showing off his speed in the halls of Mandalay Bay. 

10. Dancing like no one’s watching

Location. Location. Location. TC-Rex took advantage of being in Las Vegas by practicing some hip shaking moves, reminiscent of The King himself, Elvis Presley. 

11. Farewell to ILTACON 2017

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it warms our hearts that TC-Rex enjoyed some light-hearted moments while at ILTACON. Now it’s time to start planning for ILTACON 2018!