Certified Legal Trainer Program & LEAP

Traveling Coaches’ Certified Legal Trainer Program (CLTP) and Legal Education Action Plan (LEAP)® help law firms transform their learning programs to better support 21st century learners. Our consultants bring best-in-class standards and award-winning expertise to law firm training departments looking to increase the value and effectiveness of firm-wide learning. Our performance-driven and measurement-based approach challenges the status quo and recognizes what is working well and identifies where there are opportunities for growth and increased value.

Individual Level: Certified Legal Trainer Program


Traveling Coaches’ Certified Legal Trainer Program (CLTP) transforms technology trainers into modern learning consultants by focusing on the new skills and best practices law firm trainers must master to bring real value to their firms. Unlike any professional development you or your trainers have experienced, this six-week blended learning program will DARE you to think outside the classroom and leverage a broad range of learning techniques and theories related to adult learning, facilitation, engagement and measurement.

The program’s content is filtered for relevance and effectiveness within a law firm and is delivered by award-winning educators.

Graduates are equipped to discover learning opportunities, architect effective learning experiences, facilitate a variety of modalities, and measure the effectiveness of learning.  Whether new to legal or a veteran of many years, the Certified Legal Trainer Program is for all trainers who want to elevate their game and hone their skills.

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CLTP Program Outline

Certified Legal Trainer Program Six-Week Outline

Program Level: Legal Education Action Plan

Traveling Coaches’ Leap - Legal Education Action Plan® - includes a benchmark of your training program against those that are best-in-class, as well as actionable recommendations for improvement. Central to LEAP is the Learning Maturity Scorecard which uses a measurement-based approach to identify the current and desired states of your program. 

LEAP challenges long-held assumptions about adult learning, provides practical steps to increase lawyer engagement, and helps revolutionize your approach to learning and development.