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OnGuard® Security Awareness

Protect Sensitive Information

Critical Data Protection Practices

Beyond anything, your people pose the greatest risk to your security chain. Relying solely on technology won’t defend your law firm’s information or reputation. That’s why over 100,000 legal professionals choose Traveling Coaches’ OnGuard® Security Awareness Program. OnGuard® uses a programmatic approach to inform and teach your organization best practices to protect sensitive information.

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Track compliance with completion metrics and reports and leverage our eLearning content for CLE credit in applicable States.

Our award-winning program combines imaginative and engaging tools for communication, education, and reinforcement. Addressing law firms’ unique security challenges, we excel at raising awareness, communicating reasons for change, and influencing behavior. With OnGuard®, you receive a comprehensive 12-month action plan, featuring monthly modules covering key topics through eLearning videos, Quick Reads, knowledge checks, podcasts, and handouts. We tailor the program to your requirements, communication preferences, and reporting needs, ensuring seamless adoption.

Leading through Learning

Key Benefits of OnGuard®

In less than 10 minutes per month, employees are exposed to more than 60 critical security awareness subjects in a year.

Looking for ways to enhance security awareness in your organization? Check out our strategic planning sessions, employee awareness sessions, and phishing simulations.

Strategic Planning
Led by Traveling Coaches consultants, these sessions foster a culture of sustained awareness. By bringing together leaders from information security, IT, executive management, and office administration, we form a powerful coalition of sponsors. This comprehensive involvement guarantees active engagement from all areas of the organization, fostering the program's effectiveness and ensuring its sustainability.
Employee Awareness
Ignite your security awareness program with engaging Employee Awareness Sessions (EAS) by Traveling Coaches. Our skilled consultants empower your employees with knowledge that lasts by sharing cutting-edge information security trends, real-world anecdotes, and thought-provoking content. Attendees consistently rate our EAS meetings as standout events. Enhance the value further by exploring CLE credit in applicable States.
A popular way for law firms and employees to be targeted by attackers is with phishing attempts, which often include devious requests for sensitive information, directions to update passwords and other ways in which an outsider could gain access to your systems.
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Cultivation Over Compliance

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If your organization wants to elevate awareness of these threats, Traveling Coaches can help! Ask us how to incorporate this tactic into your overall education plan.