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User Adoption Simplified

At Traveling Coaches, we understand that successful adoption of NetDocuments relies on the “people side of change.” We also understand legal and know that firms experience change in different ways. Our proven approach ensures everyone understands the benefits and reason for change, thus creating firmwide buy-in from the start. You can count on us to optimize your investment in NetDocuments through comprehensive change management and communications consulting, top-notch training, and expert support.

Communications and Change Management

In the fast-paced legal landscape, technology must be more than just innovative and user-friendly; it needs to be embraced by your people. Our communications and change management consulting enables your leadership team to craft a plan for success, and we partner with you to ensure those plans are executed seamlessly.

With Traveling Coaches as your trusted partner, you'll experience a swift and smooth rollout, with employees eagerly embracing the benefits that lie ahead.

Training and Support

We understand the stakes of embarking on technology changes, which is why Traveling Coaches, as the first and most experienced NetDocuments Certified Training Partner, is the unrivaled document management expert. Our skilled Trainers excel in crafting and delivering engaging learning events tailored to meet your law firm’s unique needs. Witness firsthand how our proven methods lead to a more knowledgeable workforce, fully equipped to leverage the full potential of NetDocuments.

User Adoption Materials

At Traveling Coaches, we understand that people have different ways of learning. That’s why our wealth of User Adoption Materials is curated not only for your specific law firm or corporate legal department but also to cater to diverse learning styles. Our collection encompasses communications, marketing elements, published eLearning, classroom materials, and floor support tools, all designed to embrace best practices in adult learning. Rest assured, this proven approach accelerates rapid and complete user adoption of NetDocuments.

Transitioning to NetDocuments should be empowering, seamless, and embraced by all. Trust in Traveling Coaches to guide your law firm towards a future of heightened productivity and boundless success.

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