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Certified Legal Trainer Program & LEAP®

Our seasoned consultants bring top-notch standards and acclaimed expertise to elevate your firm’s training department. Through a performance-driven and data-backed approach, we challenge conventional methods, identify areas of improvement, and unleash untapped potential for growth and enhanced value. Join us in redefining the future of legal training!

Individual Level

Certified Legal Trainer Program

Transforming technology trainers into modern learning consultants, our Certified Legal Trainer Program (CLTP) is designed to equip law firm trainers with the essential skills and best practices needed to deliver unparalleled value to their firms.

Get ready for a game-changing eight-week virtual learning experience that will challenge you to push the boundaries of traditional training methods. With a focus on adult learning, facilitation, engagement, and measurement, our program dares you to think outside the classroom and embrace diverse learning techniques.

Delivered by award-winning educators, our program’s content is carefully curated for maximum relevance and effectiveness within a law firm setting. Upon graduation, you’ll possess the expertise to identify learning opportunities, design impactful learning experiences, facilitate various modalities, and measure the true effectiveness of your training efforts. Whether you’re new to the legal field or a seasoned professional, the Certified Legal Trainer Program is your pathway to taking your training skills and expertise to new heights.

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Program Level

LEAP - Legal Education Action Plan®

Experience the profound effect of our LEAP – Legal Education Action Plan® consulting as we benchmark your training program against the best-in-class and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. At the core of LEAP® consulting lies the Learning Maturity Scorecard, a cutting-edge measurement-based tool that reveals your program’s current state and sets the stage for your desired future.

LEAP® consulting dares to challenge long-held assumptions about adult learning, offering practical steps to enhance lawyer engagement and revolutionize your approach to learning and development. Prepare to break free from traditional constraints and unlock the full potential of your training initiatives.

With LEAP®, you’ll embark on a journey that empowers you to reimagine the way legal professionals learn and grow. 

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