Winner of ILTA's 2022 Solution Provider of the Year for the Premier Learning Program
Products and Services

Create a culture
of learning.

Traveling Coaches empowers through education. With a proven track record of success, a stacked team of experienced consultants and trainers, and a wide-ranging catalog of learning programs and tools, we develop people that help law firms succeed.

Premier Learning
An award-winning strategic partnership to build a culture of learning within your firm.
Learning Solutions
LegalMind® Learning Solutions
Law Firm Learning, Simplified. Discover the industry-leading solution for continuous learning, accessible anytime, anywhere.
User Adoption
Technology Training & Support
Software rollouts with tailored learning and support grounded in user adoption and change management methodology.
DMS Services
iManage Services
Our skilled iManage Trainers excel in crafting and delivering engaging learning events tailored to your law firm's unique needs.
DMS Services
NetDocuments Services
Our proven approach ensures everyone understands the benefits and reason for change, thus creating firmwide buy-in from the start.
Data Protection
OnGuard® Security Awareness
Create and sustain a culture of information security with award-winning awareness and compliance programs.
Work Culture
Respectful Workplace Program
Empower employees to become part of the change and create an inclusive environment for all employees.
Skill Development
Manager Development Program
A transformative journey designed to unlock your leadership potential and equip you with the essential skills for success.
Certified Legal Trainer Program & LEAP®
Our seasoned consultants bring top-notch standards and acclaimed expertise to elevate your firm's training department.
AI Adoption
An adoption strategy that incorporates key elements to assist legal professionals understand how to responsibly and effectively utilize AI tools for maximum benefits.