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Traveling Coaches is ready to help your organization seamlessly adopt AI. We offer an adoption strategy that incorporates key elements to assist legal professionals understand how to responsibly and effectively utilize AI tools for maximum benefits. Here's how Traveling Coaches can assist your organization with AI adoption.
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How Traveling Coaches can assist with AI adoption

Embrace change for organizational growth with our AI adoption and change management strategy. Our approach features sponsor enablement, a strategic communications plan, effective workshops, learning strategies, continuous reinforcement, and metrics, which ensures alignment with your vision, leader support, impactful communication, and sustained success.
Prepare to unleash the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot and AI in our dynamic Innovation Workshop. Collaborate with peers, refine use cases, and be inspired to transform your workstream. Don't miss the opportunity to create a vibrant Copilot community, boosting creativity, productivity, and skills to revolutionize your work with AI.
End User
Embrace AI's transformative power by integrating Copilot, ndMAX, and custom AI solutions into your workflows for greater productivity. Our paced training approach is paired with Innovation Workshops, use case identification, metrics, and Employee Awareness Sessions equipping your firm for the responsible and effective use of AI. Our robust AI adoption program helps busy legal professionals learn, apply, and retain new skills to maximize the benefits and best practices of AI.
Self Directed
Dive into our Copilot eLearning content tailored for end users. Learn how to utilize the new AI functionality across the Microsoft 365 Suite and discover the many ways Copilot can boost productivity and be everyone's personal AI assistant.
EMPOWER your firm

To thrive in the dynamic legal industry, lawyers must cultivate both legal expertise and technology proficiency.

Traveling Coaches provides an unparalleled AI training program, empowering legal professionals to fully unlock the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot, Netdocuments ndMAX, and other customized solutions.
Copilot seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365, serving as a user-friendly assistant powered by Generative AI. It enhances legal workflows, offering time-saving capabilities and personalized support, ensuring legal professionals can focus on their core tasks with ease.
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Simplify and streamline your legal work with Netdocuments ndMAX. This AI suite, embedded in NetDocuments, empowers you to automate tasks, manage workflows, and achieve more by saving time, maximizing accuracy, and boosting client satisfaction, all while ensuring responsible and effective AI practices.

EDUCATE your firm

Copilot Integration Program

Discover the complete Copilot integration experience through Traveling Coaches' ten-course adoption program. Whether you're a beginner or aiming for advanced proficiency, our courses offer the essential knowledge to effortlessly integrate Copilot across Microsoft Office applications. Traveling Coaches is ready to help elevate your organization's capabilities, here’s how our team will help make this experience seamless:
Course 1:
Introduction to Copilot Duration
This course empowers participants to use Copilot for automating data entry, advanced analysis, data cleaning, and customization in Microsoft Excel. Troubleshooting and error handling are covered.
Course 2:
Prompt Engineering and Copilot in Edge and Windows:
In this course, participants delve into constructing effective prompts for Copilot, understanding its role in Microsoft Edge and Windows environments, and exploring seven key ways ChatGPT can assist users.
Course 3:
Copilot in Word:
This extensive course focuses on leveraging Copilot in Microsoft Word for writing assistance, citations, formatting, and advanced features. Participants learn to customize Copilot for optimal usage.
Course 4:
Copilot in Outlook:
This course guides participants in using Copilot for efficient email composition, response management, organization, and search in Microsoft Outlook. Customization options and ethical considerations are also discussed.
Course 5:
Using Copilot in Microsoft Teams:
Participants explore Copilot's role in Microsoft Teams for drafting legal documents, collaborative research, task tracking, and customization for legal workflows. Ethical considerations are emphasized.
Course 6:
Enhancing Productivity with Copilot in Microsoft Excel:
This course empowers participants to use Copilot for automating data entry, advanced analysis, data cleaning, and customization in Microsoft Excel. Troubleshooting and error handling are covered.​
Course 7:
Copilot in Microsoft PowerPoint for Engaging Presentations:
Focusing on creating engaging presentations, this course explores Copilot's role in content creation, slide design, storytelling, and customization for PowerPoint.​
Course 8:
Efficient Data Analysis with Copilot in Microsoft Excel:
Participants learn advanced data analysis with Copilot in Microsoft Excel, covering data entry, manipulation, formulas, troubleshooting, and customization for optimal usage.​
Course 9:
Using Copilot in Microsoft OneNote:
This course guides legal professionals in utilizing Copilot for efficient note-taking, legal research, content organization, and customization in Microsoft OneNote.​
Course 10:
Using Copilot for Business Development:
This comprehensive course focuses on Copilot's role in crafting proposals, market research, presentations, collaboration in Teams, and customization for business development in Microsoft Office applications.​

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