LegalMind Personal Learning Portal

LegalMind® is the fully managed learning portal that develops technology and soft skills as well as higher-value competencies among staff and the lawyers they support. LegalMind® leverages the latest tools and technologies to surface the most relevant information for the learner based on job role, professional development goals and learning style. LegalMind® features the best in legal-specific content with topics ranging from technology to soft skills to professional development.

From recommended learning plans to just-in-time performance support, LegalMind® is perfect for new hires and veterans alike. Affordable for firms of any size, LegalMind® enables learning when and how you like without leaving your desk, and the Google-like search makes it easy to find answers anytime, anywhere and from any device.

 LegalMind ®  Personal Learning Portal
“Traveling Coaches continues to be at the forefront in delivering innovative products that address the unique challenges and opportunities that are part of the ongoing efforts to provide useful learning opportunities. With LegalMind we see a transition away from traditional training to the individualized experience that we anticipate our attorneys and other professionals seek. To learn, on demand, in short useful bursts.”
— Judi Flournoy, CIO, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

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