ONGUARD SECURITY Awareness program

What’s the weakest link in your security chain? Your people. That’s why technology alone cannot protect your law firm’s information — or your reputation. And that’s why over 100,000 legal professionals put their trust in Traveling Coaches’ OnGuard® Security Awareness Program.

The OnGuard Xperience

The OnGuard® Security Awareness program is an array of imaginative and engaging communication, education and reinforcement tools to create and sustain a culture of security at your firm. This award-winning program is the first to address all of the security challenges faced by law firms. Only Traveling Coaches knows how to raise awareness, communicate the reasons for change and ultimately influence people to alter the behaviors which put your firm at risk. This know-how has never been more critical than it is today with security threats specifically targeting law firms. 

Example Infographic on Multi-Factor Authentication

Example Infographic on Multi-Factor Authentication

With the OnGuard Xperience, you get a full action plan and calendar of events for 12 months. Each month introduces a different module covering key topics. Each module provides eLearning videos, quickreads, knowledge checks, podcasts and handouts so learners can choose their preferred learning style.

We begin by working with the program stakeholder to determine their program completion requirements, communications preferences and reporting settings. Then we take a programmatic approach to implement proven strategies that ensure successful adoption of the program. Throughout the year, you can utilize posters and Outlook templates prepared by Traveling Coaches, and a new Security Zone announcement is added to the Learner Dashboard each month. You’ll receive completion metrics and reports to ensure compliance, and we’ll help you reinforce the importance of your security awareness training program.


Strategic Planning Sessions

To be successful, a security awareness program must create and sustain heightened awareness over time. Successful programs are those positioned as strategic to the success of the organization and sponsored by a broad coalition of executive stakeholders. Traveling Coaches consultants facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions which bring together leaders from information security, IT, executive management, office administration and more to champion an effective and sustainable security awareness program. Having a broad sponsor coalition ensures all areas of the organization are engaged with the success of the program.

Employee Awareness Sessions

”Our lawyer feedback on your OnGuard Town Hall sessions has been extremely positive. Your direct law firm experience and insight plus the real-world stories you told absolutely sold Traveling Coaches as plugged in and worthy of their attention.”
— Chris McDaniel, Chief Information Officer at Smith Gambrell & Russell LLP

Adding all-hands meetings to your security awareness program is an effective way to increase the ways in which your employees receive this important information. Traveling Coaches delivers annual or semi-annual Employee Awareness Sessions (EAS) to highlight information security trends and present relevant materials in an effective and entertaining 1-hour session. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of organizations and are loaded with pertinent, real-world anecdotes that make the sessions come to life. It is common for participants to consider our EAS among the best meetings they attend all year. For those interested, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit may be available as well.


A popular way for law firms and employees to be targeted by attackers is with phishing attempts, which often include devious requests for sensitive information, directions to update passwords and other ways in which an outsider could gain access to your systems. If your organization wants to incorporate internal phishing emails to test how your employees react, Traveling Coaches can help! Ask us how to incorporate this tactic into your overall education plan.

Simplifying Compliance Services

Experts agree that law firms must implement comprehensive security compliance programs. Regular assessments, reviews and tests are not only a good idea, they are now required by many clients, auditors and regulatory bodies. OnGuard® also includes an array of essential services like risk assessment, policy review, social engineering, penetration testing, vendor management and business continuity planning. For firms that cannot justify or afford a full time security team, we even provide Virtual Information Security Officers.


Give us a shout and we'll be happy to conduct a private demo of our OnGuard® Security Awareness Program or introduce you to one of our Information Security Consultants.