Law Firm Training THAt sticks

Most training works well for a few days or weeks, which results in:

  • New technologies never achieving full user adoption

  • Users never experiencing the full capabilities of the technology

  • Your organization failing to see a return on your significant investment

Why does this happen? It could be any combination of your people not being aware of the change, not understanding the “why” behind the change and having a personal desire to learn, not having appropriate learning opportunities, not being able to put knowledge immediately into practice, and not having positive behavioral changes reinforced.

Traveling Coaches’ law firm technology training and support is different. We offer a variety of training and support that is specific to law firms and legal operations, tailored to reflect your culture and meet your organization’s requirements. Our instructors are the best in the industry in communicating technology changes to legal users. Better yet, they understand how to drive user adoption by incorporating proven change management methodologies. That means our training goes beyond education: We work with your management team to create a strategic plan that encourages and reinforces long-term behavioral changes, leaving your law firm or corporate legal department with outstanding — and long-standing — results.


“With so much at stake, we know Traveling Coaches is the best choice to ensure our users are well prepared for the change. Their experience, methodologies and team are remarkable.”
— John Green, CIO, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC


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